Literary Representation and Publishing 

Having completed your beautiful story, revised and received enough contributions from family and friends to help you refine and polish the ideas surrounding the story, the final step for most authors is sharing their story with the rest of the world. Getting your finished manuscript to become finally published via the normal publishing route may pose daunting challenges especially for a new author. To mitigate these challenges and ensure that the process of finally publishing the book is successful, most authors turn to literary agents who take care of all the challenges associated with getting their book finally published.


Literary agents are experts in the publishing industry who takes it upon themselves to represent the interests of an author. The relationship between authors and literary agents scales beyond pulling through the difficult publishing process alone as the partnership in most cases continues throughout the authors’ career, with the literary agent acting as managers. A literary agent holds many benefits for authors and working with one will open up genuine opportunities for the best book deals, fair contracts, while protecting the author’s rights and ensuring that the author is paid accurately.

Finding a literary agent is however not a stroll in the park. Most literary agents do not accept unsolicited material. And when you don't find one, self-publishing is always an easy option to publish your title. 


A literary agent can be likened to a medium, which will transport the author successfully through the difficult and unfamiliar stages of the publishing space.


There are many benefits tied to working with a literary agent for an author. In this article, we will list a few of the benefits and some services that may benefit the promotion of your book.


EASIER SUBMISSION – when you choose a literary agent to help you submit your final manuscript to a publisher, the process is more effective than working up to publishers on your own as an author. However, choosing to use a literary agent comes with a lot of patience, as immediate results are not guaranteed. Submitting your manuscript to the agent is an opportunity for the literary agent to also scrutinize your work carefully. The literary agent will be able to carefully refine your work according to standards expected in the publishing space and would know which publisher to pitch such work to. One important benefit attached to using a literary agent is the possibility of multiple submissions simultaneously. This privilege is not available for an independent author because it is against publishing ethics. Multiple submissions open up the opportunity for a bidding process between publishers that surely opens up the opportunity to make more gains for you.


COMPETITIVE EDGE – the publishing world is largely competitive with already established authors putting in more efforts daily to ensure they are not kicked off the spot. The same competitive edge has seen an increase in the number of self-published authors. Working with a literary agent is an essential leverage for you to compete among already established authors, even as a relative newbie. Having your work submitted by an agent lends credence to the quality of the work as the agent’s reputation rubs off on you.

INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE – it is extremely difficult for authors to figure out contracts, advances, the rights they own on the book, royalties and other such necessities tied to the publishing world. Having an agent on your side is an added advantage especially as you can rely on the agent’s inside contacts and connections with publishers, the correct editors to work with amongst other favorable considerations.

Services That Can Boost Your Platform

BOOK PHOTOGRAPHY (#Bookstagram) – Bookstagram, as the name implies, is a hashtag built on the Instagram platform for book lovers to share pictures of books. This is a good way for an author to introduce their book to an online book-loving community. All parts of a book are important and you should ensure that the best creative effort is put into the cover design. When you upload your book on Instagram using the hashtag (#bookstagram), the only part of the book you can share with the teeming online community can only be captured in pictures, therefore, it is important to ensure that your story is captured with the best graphic design. There is a community created around the (#bookstagram) hashtag, which features a significant number of authors, book lovers who serve as appraisers and critiques. You cannot find them all in one place as this platform allows. Uploading the picture of your book(s) on (#Bookstagram) generates keen interest in your book and allows you to reach a book-loving community who would help you spread the word about your book. You should ensure to use bright and bold images that would attract interest. 

EMAIL CIRCULATION (EMAIL NEWSLETTER) – A newsletter allows you to communicate with someone in a space that you both own and control. Running advertisements that reach people and is genuine has become increasingly difficult to pull off on social media with the many restrictions and control features involved. Running promotions for your book using a newsletter allows you to communicate with someone interested in your book in a personal medium. It allows you to tell the reader what they stand to gain from reading your book; it allows you to share your ideas and story. It is also a great medium to draw engagement and foster connection with these people who have an interest in your book. Circulating newsletters via email is not a one-time thing so you have the opportunity to constantly stay in touch and ultimately endear them to become one of your readers.

BLOGGING OR BLOG TOURS – A book blog tour is of high value to authors. It is essentially within the author's control in most cases if the author puts the tour together. Bloggers can also be hired to run the book promotions on their blogs in the form of promotions. Through this blog tours, readers gain insight into the book from excerpts shared and they get insights into the conversation and storyline. It is a two-way thing as the benefits are spread between the blog and the author. Running blog tours to promote your book allows gaining new readers who may become intrigued by the review of your book across the several blogs that will promote the book genuinely. 

GOODREADS BOOK RECOMMENDATION – A Goodreads book recommendation is not just a recommendation. Having a robust community of book lovers vouching for your book shows that it is worth its weight. Goodreads is a platform where book lovers gather to discuss their interests ranging from their favorite books to authors. They can thereafter recommend any authors books to people whom they think would be interested. As an author, using Goodreads gives people the chance to find your work even as a new author. Goodreads allows you to introduce yourself to potential readers and allows you to strengthen the relationship between these readers and your work. More importantly, you would have the chance to communicate with other people who love books just as you do.