10 Self-Published Authors Who Made It Big

If you have the passion for making it big in the writing industry, then you might be aware of the rejection of your creation. But Rejectees, take heart. Many famous writers have been rejected many times before they made it big in the creative industry. Stephen King is one of the famous writers in the modern writing industry but amazingly his first novel, which ‘Carrie,' was rejected 30 times before it gets published.

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Many now-famous writers have started as a self-publisher and managed to have exceptional success in the long term. We will list ten self-published authors in this article who made it big in the industry to inspire new writers.

1. John Grisham.

John Grisham was a lawyer who wrote his first novel in 1989 with the title ‘A Time to Kill.' He was influenced by the Harper Lee's book ‘To Kill a Mocking Bird,' and he was rejected 28 times for his first novel. He then manages to publish 5,000 copies through a small private publisher. Today he is a famous author who has been published by Doubleday for his books, ‘The firm,' ‘The client' and ‘The Pelican Brief'.

2. Hugh Howey.

The first book of Hugh Howey was Wool Trilogy which was a short story. The writer himself published the book on Amazon, and after the success of the book, he decided to expand the series. After that, the author signed a 6-figure deal with Simon and Schuster. The book then got so famous that a director asked the writer for the film rights of the series.

3. Christopher Paolini.

Christopher Paolini is now a famous young adult fantasy series writer, and he started as a self-publisher. He began to write at the age of 15, and it was his parents who published his first book. The parents of Paolini owned a small press at the time, and after a year of self-promotion in the United States, Carl Hiaasen discovered the book and got it republished. Amazingly the book became so hit that in the first five months the publishers manage to sell over a million copies.

4. Amanda Hocking.

Amanda Hocking had worked as a group home worker before she decided to use writing for a living. She wrote 17 novels while working as a home worker and she self-published all of them as e-books. She manages to sell a half million copies of these, and in 2011, St. Martin's Press bought the rights of the three books which was Trylle Trilogy. She also sold ‘Watersong' to the same press for two million dollars.

5. Lisa Genova.

Lisa Genova's Still Alice was self-published by iUniverse. After that, it was republished by Simon and Schuster in 2009. The book got so famous after getting published that it has now been translated into twenty different languages. There is an award-winning film made on the book as well, and this book has remained in New York Times bestsellers list for over forty weeks.

6. James Redfield.

James Redfield is one of the famous writers these days and his first book was ‘The Celestine Prophecy.' The author himself managed to sell 100,000 copies of the book from the trunk of his car. The book was then published by the Warner Books, and after that, it was adopted into a film. There are three sequels of the film, and the book has also spent a very long time in the New York Time bestsellers list.

7. Michael J. Sullivan.

Michael J. Sullivan is another author who faced difficulty while finding a publisher for his fantasy series. But he decided not to quit and hence published his book through a company which was owned and started by his wife. Surprisingly the sales were so high that it caught the attention of the traditional publishers. Michael J. Sullivan then sold his next novel for six figures to a mainstream publisher.

8. Irma S. Rombauer.

Irma S. Rombauer is probably the most famous author of the cooking world after publishing, ‘The Joy of Cooking' in our kitchen. What most of us don't know about this book is that it was a self-published. She was a house maker in Missouri in 1931. Only 3000 copies of the book were sold when a famous commercial printing house picked it. Till now 18 million copies of the book have been sold.

9. Peter Rabbit.

The author has faced many rejections before self-publishing her book. She even lost her shoe and coat during the process. The book ‘The Tales of the Peter Rabbit' was first published in 1901 and after that, the London firm of Frederick Warne & Co published the same book and twenty-two more books of the Peter Rabbit in the next forty years. Over two million Beatrix Potter books were sold each year.

10. Erika Leonard.

Last but not definitely not the least on our list is the famous writer of the book and film series ‘The Fifty Shades of Grey.' More than 70 million copies have been sold till now. The author was a fan fiction story writer and self-published this book through a small Australian company.

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