4 Ways How To Handle Writers' Block

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Art By Kenny J

By Travis Sundt

The depth of a writer's creativity is the strength that allows them to carefully capture their thoughts and imaginations and turn them into words that speak volumes.

When words flow unfettered, and readers can draw meaning from reading words in ink; a writer's joy knows no bounds. And they are usually encouraged to open up and pour out from their fountain of knowledge.

This bliss, however, doesn't last forever.

There are days when it seems like the clouds have dropped from the sky and have filled up the writer's head. In moments like that, it feels like the creative passages have been completely blocked off. Such days are inevitable for even the best writers. Because, the bright pages of the notepad will feel rough on their hands, and the pen will feel heavier than a concrete slab. Stringing words together to form a sentence will prove to be a herculean task. When such days come, how do writers turn things around and come out better?

Before we begin to answer this, it is essential to note that no writer is immune from writers' block. While some writers experience it frequently, others seldom experience writers' block. So, whichever side of the divide you fall, you must embrace writers' block as a part of your creative process. Accepting it as a part of you as a writer helps you deepen your belief and increase your creative strength.

Being able to deal with writers' block is an essential step to becoming a better writer. Ask any writer; they'll tell they've become better writers by writing and overcoming writers' block.

Dealing with writers' block is often a personal experience for each writer. But, the underlying principle behind overcoming it, is tied to being able to dig deep within yourself to allow your creative juices flow. So, here are some practical ways some writers can overcome writers' block.

1. Reading past writings. – Most writers do not go back to read and enjoy writings they have inked in the past, but that may be the key to unlocking new creative doors. If you experience writers' block, you should not try to force your creativity. You should own the writers' block and enjoy some of your previous writings from the perspective of a reader.

2. Visit memorable places and perform memorable activities. – Nostalgic visits and activities are another pure way to release blocked creativity. Usually, when you have visited such places and carried out an unforgettable activity, you should attempt to describe the visit or the activity in writing. If you do poorly at first, you should keep at it until you hit the big break.

3. Read works from your favorite authors. – This activity helps you appreciate art from the perspective of a consumer. You will enjoy seeing other people explore their creativity, and this will get you to understand your art better than anything else.

4. Rest. – Writers' block maybe your body and mind are communicating to you that you need some rest. Take heed to this warning and steer clear of any activity that has to do with writing, but you should get involved with other creative processes, so you do not lose complete touch. Resting provides you an opportunity to regain your creative strengths and allows you to churn out more brilliant work with time.

Here is a fun activity you can try. Talk to a few of your writer friends and ask them how they beat writers' block. You will be surprised at the different solutions and methods they will teach you.

Don't battle writers' block, instead use it for your growth as it is an essential part of your creativity.

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