5 Reasons Why Author Should Try Book Trailers

Every release of the new trailer for your favorite movie sequel brings so much excitement. At the same time, it leaves the audience of wanting more of the film. Thus, it is the main purpose of producing video trailers - to lure the audience and even readers to watch the film or grab the copy of the book.

Self-publishing companies such as Global Summit House offers their author clients of creating a book trailer for them. A book trailer is a helpful marketing tool to promote books especially if it is newly released in the public. As adapted from the term movie trailers, book trailers serves as a short promotional video distributed across multiple platforms in increasing online presence for a wider audience reach.

Here are five more reasons of why an author should consider trying book trailers:

Show and Tell

The power of visuals stand out among the rest. As they say, “A picture is a worth a thousand word”. Most likely, it seems like using visual as a promotional tool is worth of every single penny as the return of investment is mind blowing. In addition, 94% of the marketers have found that showing visuals in an promoting products enhances the understanding of audience of what the product is all about.

Book Trailers are Shareable

In the digital age, people are more likely to share video content on social media platforms in any part of the world - simply because, it is possible today. The fact that a book trailer is an easy watch. People would likely to share it to others when they find the content interesting. It also increases more people to be engaged on knowing the full story or content of the book.

The Preference of Watching Videos

Ask a friend or anyone you know if what will they prefer: to watch a vide or read an article? According to studies, 66% of the consumers would rather watch a video about a product than reading a content about it. People likes to be teased. There is a psychological effect on slowly pulling these audience to be on the watch for your newly released book as a product. Be smart on sharing videos as well.

Higher Audience Reach

Obviously, more people would be able to see the book when shared in a video trailer because it can be placed on digital platforms and almost all people in the planet have social media account. All eyes are there so take advantage of it.

Video Marketing Works

Above all the reason, having this proven claim that a book trailer is an effective marketing tool in launching book is enough for an author to be convinced to try using book trailers for book promotions. On average, people watch 18 hours of online video each week, and this number has increased year over year.