Updated: Jul 26, 2019

The independent author terrain is filled with many challenges, which can only be doused with a great deal of creativity, innovativeness, and utilization of opportunities.

by Millie Harper

Independent authors are generally expected to carve niches for themselves and to thrill their audience by exploring their chosen niche.

Many authors daily decide to tow the independent author lane and this is more or less making the space crowded for existing authors and new entrants. Now, to avoid the stifling tendencies of the publishing terrain that fortunately led to the birth of the self-publishing terrain where independent authors flourish without struggles today, each independent author is expected to be innovative as well as creative to set huge marks for themselves.

The biggest creativity an independent author can possess has to do with making their incredible stories available for all audience types but this is often not the case despite the availability of many opportunities, services, products, and tools.

One of the roads less traveled by independent authors is audiobooks but the biggest reason is fear and uncertainty. This article will preach the gospel of audiobooks to you reading it right now and to anybody else who will be privileged to read it much later. When independent authors voice their sentiments about audiobooks, it becomes important to ask, what is the essence of a beautiful writing without people to share the story with?

Fortunately, technological advancements have made things much easier and relatively cheap to come by and this is why as an independent author, you must be ready to take full advantage of converting your writings into audiobooks because of the many benefits it presents.

While the benefits of audiobooks are numerous, the ones important to you as an independent author will be addressed in this article. In no particular order, they are:

1. The chance to reach new readers – it is the delight of every author to gain new attractions for their work. Audiobooks are now a fad for many book lovers who especially cannot find time in their busy schedule to sit down with books form their favorite authors. With audiobooks, they can easily have these books read to them as they perform other activities simultaneously. Many independent authors have not yet tapped into this goldmine of audiobook lovers.

2. Increased earnings – a one-time cost is required to produce an audiobook and after this, it becomes available for download at any time. There would be no cases of failing to meet demands for copies of the book and rather than spend to produce more copies after the first batch productions are sold out, audiobooks will make the book available for yet many more people without attendant production costs.

3. Credibility and ease of finding content – What separates the popular authors from the not so popular ones is majorly the ease of finding their content i.e. subsequent releases. This is a very big challenge that even the biggest writers and their publishers have not been able to solve. Most audiobook platforms have very easy search features that require only specific keywords for users to find authors of their choice.

4. Less competition – Many independent authors are scared of delving into the audiobook waters because of several reasons they harbor. This is a very big chance for you as an independent author to lay claim to space and to gain a significant number of readers because sooner rather than later, the audiobooks space will become saturated.

These are some of the benefits associated with creating audiobook versions of a writer’s efforts and yes, the next best sellers are going to be audiobooks.

Mark those words.

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