Beginner Writer Tips: On Breaking the Traditional Publishing Fortress

Writing is considered as a hobby for some at the beginning; from there, a writer can actually pursue being a published author one day. It may sound intimidating especially for people who don’t have any training or educational background of becoming a professional writer. As most of us perceived traditional publishing unreachable, we stop our pursuit on publishing our own writing just because we thought it is not possible.

Luckily, there are more open opportunities in publishing in the modern time. There are even self publishing companies like Global Summit House who helps aspiring authors reach their dreams of becoming a published author. This is the key of novice writers on breaking the traditional publishing fortress by having their own breakthrough in independent publishing.

Here are some beginner writer tips before you consider self publishing:

Evaluate your Writing Competence

As a beginner writer, there are a lot of things still that you need to learn in the world of publishing. Like in a saying, you can’t go to the war without enough weapons at hand. It is not enough to just like writing. Check on yourself if you think the work you have right now is deserving of publishing. This way you can avoid regret and at least, know the right direction in embarking on a writing career.

Have a Set Budget

Most beginner writer are coming from other professions who happen to only have a passion for writing. They have their own full-time jobs and earn money. Entering publishing is another story. Being independent in publishing means you have to shoulder most of the expenses in all stages of production and even be there for planning. As a beginner, make sure to have an estimation of budget for the future expenditures. Better be ready, than sorry because of bankruptcy.

Commit to Publishing it as book

Beginner writers are usually overwhelmed of the idea of becoming an author. They are excited in the start but losing the motivated already in the process. There are many challenges and pitfalls along the way. As an aspiring publishing author, you need to have the grit and perseverance to continue no matter what happened. Thus, it is important to have commitment in this endeavor because it is the only way leading to a success.


These three tips for beginner writer is only an initial indicator if you would really like to pursue to become a published author. Think about it and decide if you are willing to do these things with no hesitation. Taking on this dream can be daunting at first only. Nevertheless, it is something worth pursuing for when you made best of your way in reaching this goal in self-publishing.