Updated: Jul 26, 2019

By Millie Harper

Have you heard about,, and other #globalsummithouse book communities?

If you have then, good for you. If you haven’t, you will definitely sign up with one of them after reading this article.

You see, lovers and voracious readers of books often find themselves in need of a bit of hindsight, another perspective, and a bit of light into something they’ve read or are reading. However, to find people who could chip this hindsight or opinion in can prove to be a daunting challenge most times because if you check, the number of people who are committed to reading books around you in fact, reduce by the minute.

A book community such as is one of the many platforms through which book lovers have been able to curtail and curb this daunting challenge. This article focuses on the benefits of being or engaging in a book club and will, therefore, focus on five major benefits of a book club:

1. You get to meet lovers of books and other like minds.

Ever felt like a stranger in this world simply because you seem to be the only one doing what your contemporaries do not fancy?

Most lovers of books, as a matter of fact, find themselves in this situation and the reason for this is not farfetched. The technological advancement of our world has made a lot of people drop their books for social media and other pastime and, this makes it practically impossible to find people with genuine interests in books like you do.

As a lover of books, instead of remaining a stranger in your world, joining a book community ushers you into the world of books where you get to meet like minds and other lovers of books.

2. You get introduced to other authors and books

Being a member of a book community gets you to broaden your horizon and allows you to know more about other authors and books different from the ones you are regularly accustomed to.

3. You get updated on trends

A book club equally introduces you as a reader to trending books all over the world. Books are being released in different parts of the world and are the right way to keep oneself updated about global trends and happenings.

4. You get to contribute intellectually and have other intellectuals contribute their opinion.

One of the many advantages of a book club/community is you get to meet other professionals with different perspectives, and these professionals when they share their intellectual capacity gets to successfully transcend their opinion on a particular book(s) into your thought pattern. The advantage of this is that you begin to read books from a broader intellectual perspective which ultimately broadens your horizon too and expands your world view.

5. Preservation of reading cultures

Book communities are the only lifeline that our disappearing reading culture has to hang onto for preservation. To preserve a reading culture, one must be aware of the fact that there are other people who share in this opinion and there is no gainsaying that these people can be found in a book community. This is because you keep having new ideas introduced at every point in time that continue to arouse your interest in going back to your books.

In the same vein, a book community equally revitalizes the interest of weary lovers of books who have or are about to jettison the practice of reading books.

Other examples of highly beneficial book communities are and

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