The dream of many writers has been cut short over the years because of publishing firms who do not feel that their materials are good enough for publishing. Time and time again, this has been a common trend that has resulted in the fatality of many dreams but more significantly the conquest and actualization of the dreams of several writers who have gone on to beat the odds and attain amazing successes from self-publishing. Their stories inspire us to be more and to do more even in the face of myriad challenges, which includes rejection and questions hanging in the balance about their creativity. We believe that the unique stories of these authors can cause a change of trajectory in your story and push you to success. Here is the story of five successful self-published authors who beat the odds.

1. JENNIFER L. SCOTT – Jennifer went from a rejected author to become a NYTimes bestselling author. Jennifer does not fit the usual cliché about writers but her story holds for great insight into how one can become a successful self-published author especially if you do not fit in like her. She found her passion and did not allow rejection to bring her down. The Home with Madame Chic author says her rise to the top was tough, but she prevailed through hard work and perseverance.

2. HARPER BLISS – Harper has several self-published books to her name, which includes; Seasons of Love, No strings attached, French Kissing, The road to you, all under the lesbian fiction genre. She set out to establish a clear brand for herself and developed a fixed routine that made writing her priority daily. Harper considers herself as adventurous, with an eye for covering controversial subject matters related to romance, alcoholism, body positivity, etc. Many would regard Harper Bliss as the pioneer of the lesbian romance niche. She hopes to remain consistent even as she continues to push against the tides caused by the naysayers.

3. BARRY HUTCHINSON – Barry started out as a writer for big publishing houses. He recently found love for self-publishing and he has had incredible successes to his name within the past 18 months. The eight space team novels author attributes his productivity to living in the Highlands of Scotland ‘where nothing interesting ever happens’. It is interesting to know that he thrives on boredom to fuel his productivity. Barry’s biggest challenge is balancing work and home as they are practically in the same space.

4. GIACOMO GIAMMATTEO – Giacomo is an incredible self-published author whose story continues to inspire many. Murder takes time, Whiskers and Bear, and Surviving a stroke or two, which detailed his personal struggles with stroke, are some of the works of this gritty crime author who holds the record for most books published in a year (37). Giacomo attributes his success to a consistent set of high standards in the areas of self-publishing and perseverance in the face of illnesses. He loves to produce quality work across the board and owes his single best decision to his decision to self-publish his works without waiting for publishers.

5. CHARLIE LAMB – Charlie’s story is amazing. After he quit engineering, he went on to sell over 100 000 books within three years. Charlie loves to do things his way and he believes that he found the perfect track when he followed his instincts rather than other author’s advice. Initially, Charlie could not get himself to believe that people would love his books and he has continually used that as a source of inspiration for him to work harder. The Lost Ranger is one of Charlie’s books and it is incredible to know that Charlie works with the tightest budget considerations. He says that he has very much interested readers who helped him realize his dreams. Charlie Lamb likes the independence of working as an author-publisher and appreciates the sales he makes. He says you can achieve success when you do what is right for you.

Like Charlie, the success stories of these self-published authors can push you to even do better. Their stories talked about rising above rejection, grit, and perseverance even when success does not look certain, and remaining authentic to their true selves. The point exactly is to remain dauntless even in the face of rejection.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”
- Maya Angelou