Art by Kenny J

by Travis Sundt

Just as food is necessary for building and strengthening the body, information is vital for enhancing the mind.

Books are a trusted source of information, and for anyone who wishes to gather new information, it is essential to find the time to read books. Reading a book opens up the reader's mind to further knowledge, which may either introduce them to a new subject altogether. Or, keep them updated with things they previously knew. Reading books engages the eyes and uses it as a gateway for information to enter the mind and stimulate the reader's thoughts.

Books are required for self-development, and reading books is one of the best ways to improve at anything you do. While books are highly regarded information sources, many people who desire to read as many books do not usually get the chance to read books. It is because of their busy schedules. When you cannot shelve other things to read books, finding that time to read a book may seem like a long-answered prayer.

Thankfully, sharing information is no longer restricted to books alone. There's been an influx of information sharing via other digital media platforms such as audiobooks and podcasts. What is interesting about information sharing on these digital media platforms, is the ease with which books can be enjoyed.

An audiobook and podcast give you access to the same information as you would get in books, with your ears as the gateway.

Audiobooks and podcasts have found commonplace among book lovers, and many book publishers have resorted to producing audiobooks for the teeming people who appreciate information shared via audio. Audiobooks are particularly beneficial for people with busy schedules. This short article will share some of the benefits of audiobooks and podcasts for people with busy schedules.

1.      Audiobooks and Podcasts can be listened to without having to stop other activities. You can listen to audiobooks and podcasts while on your drive to work, during a workout, while making breakfast, etc. You cannot miss the intentions of the author of the book because you will hear the correct intonations. And, you will be able to get a clear picture in your mind.

2.     Podcasts may be shorter versions of audiobooks. But, they summarize the essential highlights of the book and give you the main points while leaving out the unnecessary information that you would have had to filter while reading yourself. With these, you can finish a book within one hour.

3.     Audiobooks and Podcasts are not only beneficial for personal development. They are one of the best media for fiction and romance novels, and in fact, you may hear the authors read the book and tell their story in a fun way. These allow you to capture the entire action and plot of the story.

4.     Audiobooks are great for increasing vocabulary and learning to pronounce otherwise tricky words.

If you have been feeing less involved with books or you haven't had the time to enjoy them as much as you would love, then, audiobooks and podcasts are the next best things that you should try.