On several occasions, I have been asked by my readers and some of my clients how it is that I can string words together to capture their interests while accurately communicating the intended points? While I am thankful for the kind words, I usually try to explain on the spot, but I have found that my, on-the-spot explanations do not do enough justice to my art as a writer.

Writing is my expression; it is how I see life and share my story. Before it became a profession, I regarded it as my will to live. I saw that I could travel the lengths of the world through my writing; I saw that I could repair our peeling planet through my writing; I saw that I could give hope in places filled with despair; I saw that I could escape gravity and launch into space without the hassles of everyday life.

There was nothing impossible for me through writing, and when I realized that through writing, I could create endless possibilities, my whole world changed.

I placed writing second, only to the air I breathe. I started to write to live, and I began to live to write. But I didn’t just become a womb for creative works overnight. I wasn’t gifted from heaven also, but I learned to hone my skills by writing one word at a time, one sentence per time until I could write paragraphs that made sense.

You will see that my writing journey is not just hinged on passion, or on the monetary rewards which I now receive for my services. It is much more than the rewards I get today. These rewards are only following a natural order; when you give so much of yourself to something, the universe finds a way of rewarding you for your efforts.

Now here’s what will blow your mind. I kid you not!

You, my reader, can be much better than I am. You can surpass the works of the best writers, you know, but you will need to apply yourself to the task.

How? You may wonder.

By giving writing a shot, it does not matter how it turns out on the first trial, write the words as your minds communicate to you. Freely express yourself and pour out your thoughts. When you have done this for a while, you can step back to take a cursory look at the things you have written to see how much improvement you have made from the time you wrote that first word.

Writing is not magic, but it can be used to create magic. I have seen people go from not being able to express themselves to becoming best-selling authors in high demand by publishing houses. One of my protégés who followed my advice is today, a best-selling author even though his writing experience is less than three years. Do you know what helped him? He partnered with a publishing house called Global Summit House for the publishing and marketing of his works.

Global Summit House saw his writing as a diamond in the rough, and rather than discard them as most publishing houses did, Global Summit House helped him position his writing to become a best-seller, and now, it is an enviable gem for all to see. I am most proud of him but mostly delighted in the chance Global Summit House took to work with him. I highly recommend this publishing house, especially if you are starting as a writer.

Your writing journey can be different from my journey, but what you must know is that once you set your mind to a task, the universe conspires on your behalf, but the fuel you need to sustain this is your passion and determination. When you can maintain these, the big bucks will start coming in before you know it.

Learned anything from my story?

Get up and take action now.