The global movie industry particularly Hollywood, has lately hit a resurgent wave. This is due to book writers who are the current saviors of the industry owing to their continued combination with movie production companies to adapt novels into a screenplay for Netflix, other streaming platforms and the industry at large. Lately, books have become the source materials for over 300+ movie and TV projects which have raked in billions in terms of revenue combined, without losing touch with the originality of the stories.

Book adaptations for screenplay are currently a fad, a practice that has grown popular more than ever. It is sufficient to say, Hollywood is now turning to the books for stories and if this isn’t exciting news to just anyone, writers (both old and new), now have an incredible opportunity to reach a broad audience with their stories.

In a world that’s clearly gone digital, with major entertainment premises based on movies, songs, and sports shows, most people are turning away from the books, leaving writers with many questions unanswered about the patronage for books. This has left quite a number of new writers on the scene discouraged as to what promises book patronage holds. At the initial stages of book adaptation for a screenplay, it was as if book writers were at the mercy of Hollywood however, the clear turn of the tables has once again placed book writers in a place of prestige and due importance. Although this may not matter to the end viewers, within the industry, it once again signifies the importance of storytelling and the role of writers and the books they write. Safe to say, Hollywood needs writers to thrive which is why more Writers need to buckle down and produce compelling stories.

Fiction and non-fiction books are the new sources for most blockbuster movies and this is the main reason:

The storytelling in books is always better than screen adaptations as most authors express their arts without restraint in books, unlike movie scripts. When these movies are then adapted into books, most locations are trimmed to save costs, some characters and their dialogue are shelved to save time, and sometimes the emotions are not clearly described and communicated as in the book. The biggest constraint here is the industry standard that movie producers are expected to maintain.

With the advent of impressive technology breaks, book adaptation into movies has significantly improved with huge successes recorded from J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter series to El James’ Fifty Shades of Grey, Lord of The Rings by Peter Jackson, John Green’s Fault in our Stars, Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games and most notably George R.R Martin’s Game of Thrones produced by HBO, and several other examples.

Books are interesting sources of stories for Netflix and Hollywood because a large chunk of the audience knows the story already and having a ready audience guarantees sales, patronage and fewer risks as the audience forms a pre-sold audience. It is equally difficult for movie producers to find original stories that are in-tune with popular and trending opinions except they look towards the books.

The synergy created between movie producers and book authors so far has birthed the successful transition of a huge number of novels to screenplays. Movies adapted from books allow a variety of stories grace the presence of our screens.

The runtime of movies was the main constraint for the adaptation of novels to movies but with the advent of TV series, storytellers and book Writers now have more opportunities to make their stories expansive and explosive.

Book adaptation for movies is an interesting way most authors grow the popularity of their stories. A screenplay adaptation of a book will ultimately lead to more interest in the book and more sales. Book writers are the current saviors of the movie industry and there is ample opportunity for new Writers on the scene, to have their books adapted for screenplay.

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