Updated: Jul 26, 2019

by Christina Filomena

Book promotion/marketing is not anything like conventional advertising or marketing. It is a different terrain, with its own specific rules of engagement.

There are several ways to run book promotions but one of the ways that resonate excellently with the target audience for any book and is relatively cheap is content marketing. What better way is there, to get people to become familiar with the content in your book than using exceptional content to market and promote your book?

The fact that content is king, is the reality that drives our social media reliant world today. Therefore, it is imperative that your book marketing/promotion content must be able to trigger the interest of those in the book’s target audience on all sides.

The possibilities of content marketing are numerous and sometimes berates the ease at which it can be done. Despite this reality, doing it correctly is the only way to reap the full lengths of its benefits. Incorrect use of content marketing would hold negative impacts on your book’s content marketing potentials and would leave drastic effects on your book’s marketing or promotion efforts.

Developing content without a proper plan for your book marketing or promotion is useless. Content for your book marketing or promotion should be tailored according to certain set goals. When these goals are in place, it is then essential to put yourself in the shoes of the potential readers of your book and to imagine the value they stand to gain from reading your book.

Here are a few ways you can utilize social media related content to boost your book marketing/promotion campaign.

1. BOOK REVIEWS – reviews are an avenue for intending readers to have a peek into the content of your book, through the eyes of another reader. Reviews create buzz for your book and eventually boost readers’ patronage.

The more reviews performed for your book, the higher the chances of getting high ratings even before the book’s release. However, reviews are a tricky bit because you can get highly tempted to paint illusions about your book. The review must be true and to reflect the content in your book without any undue additions or subtractions. There are several social media platforms and websites where you can promote your books once they acquire a good number of reviews so don’t hold back on giving people the chance to review your book. The feedback and recommendations you will help you a lot.

2. USE SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCERS – creating content for your book promotion can be made extensive especially, to suit different social media platforms. Audio content, video content, interviews, blog posts, etc., are prime content that can be used to boost your book promotion efforts. Each of these social media platforms has influencers with a huge number of followers that can become informed about your book.

3. ORIGINAL CONTENT – your best book promotion effort is remaining true to yourself even while trying to make gains for your book. There are several contents flying around, meant to promote books but most of them are not honest and do not sound believable to the readers even before they pick up the book. It is outrightly stupid and inadequate to promote your book with content that is not genuinely thought out and developed but lifted off of somewhere.

4. SHARE INSIGHTS INTO YOUR BOOK – the best form of appetizers you can give your target readers, is to share pages from your book as this gives them a sneak peek into what they would get when they read your book, and then decide if your book would be worthy of investing their time and money. Sharing excerpts from your book should make them desire the content of your book and the easiest way to put this out there is via social media.

The following are ways social media content sharing can be leveraged to promote your book effectively. Self-publishers do not actually have any inhibitions if they can key into these methods highlighted.

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