Soul Refining!

Soul Refining!

Dr. Rimaletta Ray is a scholar, a college professor of Psycholinguistics who earned her doctorate in the Academy of Sciences, the Brain Institute, in Moscow. She is an ardent follower of a great Russian psychologist and psycholinguists, Leo Vygotsky whose main direction she has been following religiously all her academic life.


Don't Teach just a Subject, Teach the Whole Person!


Dr. Ray is the founder of Auto-Suggestive Psychology, and she considers auto-suggestibility to be onto-genesis of self-creation. Dr. Ray suggests instilling in the brain the Inspirational Life Skills, essential for all of us, with the help of rhyming, psychologically-backed up inspirational boosters and mind-sets (authoritative mind-command here). Self-induction helps aware attention be paid to SELF-INSTALLATION in life and the necessity to adjust to the fast-blowing technological gust.


Don't Be Life-Negligent, Be Life-Intelligent!


The book "Soul-Refining" is the second one in the serial of five books, called by Dr. Ray "Auto-Suggestive Psychology of Self-Ecology," presenting her holistic philosophy of soul-refining by way of developing the HEART + SPIRIT + MIND + SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS + SUPER-CONSCIOUSNESS, forming our spiritual human fractals in five dimensions: physical, emotional, mental, and universal. These stages, accordingly, are: Self-Awareness, Self-Monitoring, Self-Installation, Self-Realization, and Self-Salvation. The compromise the Holistic Self-Actualization Pyramid, or the matrix of a personality formation and are featured in five books, presented below from bottom to top.


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