Tapestry: A Medieval Tale of Curses, Crowns, and Courage introduces a
wonderful world of dragons, knights, and powerful wizards. As imagined
by author Jerry Smith, this world comes alive through a poetic narrative that
follows the story of a gentle princess and her reluctant hero. They wind their way through a maze of lies, jealousy, and madness in search of truth, justice, and honor. Fortified with courage and stealth, they find the strength and perseverance to overcome the death, darkness, and destruction unleashed upon their land by an evil, power-hungry mage, and a scheming sorceress. Written in the style of the great Greek and Roman poets, Tapestry presents rich imagery and eloquent rhyming couplets portraying the adversity encountered by its characters. It follows them as they struggle - evil against good, death against life, and destruction against rebirth. Feudal lords, evil enemies, and noble knights emerge and entwine into colorful strands, creating this carefully woven tale as a vibrant tapestry filled with hope and promise for an age consumed by darkness and despair. Tapestry: A Medieval Tale of Curses, Crowns, and Courage brings the poetic narrative to a story of good versus evil in a world brimming with justice, honor, mystery, and magic.

Tapestry: A Medieval Tale of Curses, Crowns, and Courage

  • Paperback: 46 pages

    Publisher: Global Summit House (March 4, 2020)

    Language: English

    ISBN-10: 1648265049

    ISBN-13: 978-1648265044

    Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.1 x 9 inches

    Shipping Weight: 2.9 ounces

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